Procurement Process

Service Overview

One must be aware that the sale of Gold in Uganda is a tightly controlled business. It is highly regulated and only a few players are genuinely licensed to trade in gold.

NB: Certificates of Authenticity and Legalization are readily available at SIMBA Mining upon Request.

At SIMBA Mining, our client will have a range of choices to make. We prepare gold in three main categories, as follows:-

  • Gold Bars
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Gold Dust


At SIMBA Mining we give a guarantee that our gold, regardless of what form you buy it, will be not less than 98% pure. This is the highest middleman quality that one can ever find anywhere.

Using government Laboratories in Kampala, SIMBA Mining makes sure that the gold is certified for Quality by Authentic Credible Laboratories.

N.B : Please as a client; insist on a legally recognized certificate for the quality of your gold.



At SIMBA Mining, we peg our prices against the international going price. So the fluctuations in our prices are both influenced and determined by the international going price of gold. The London Precious Metals Index continues to be our gold standard.

However, we take into consideration the inconvenience incurred by our clients in Uganda and therefore price our gold at 40% less than that the world market price. This provides a good margin for our clients who are trading and seek to make a buck.

NB: A Price Quotation is available upon request.

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