Our Background

Uganda mostly exports agricultural products which contribute about 80 per cent of her total exports. These exports include; coffee which is the leading export in the market, fish and products, maize, tobacco, tea, hides and skins, cocoa beans, other livestock/dairy, sim sim, flowers, beans, and cotton.
There is however a rise in the production of gold ores that is locally processed and prepared for mainly the export market. Exploitation of gold in the country has been concentrated in a few areas such as Kigezi, Mubende, Karamoja in northeastern Uganda, Buhweju and Ibanda in the West, Namayingo and Busia in eastern Uganda, Kitumbi in Central Uganda.

It must be noted that according to the Central Bank Forex statistics (2017), Uganda is not such a major producer of gold yet surprisingly gold features among its major exports and a leading foreign exchange earner. This phenomenon is explained by the demise of the DRC into civil war that has lasted for over two decades. DRC has become a major supplier of gold that is imported into Uganda, refined and packaged for export.

Uganda has therefore developed a highly integrated network that routes gold from the DRC, to local refineries (usually done in the most informal ways), packaged and exported.


Meanwhile this trade is a legal and genuine trade; some unscrupulous individuals have jumped on to the band wagon and pretended to be gold traders. You should be always on the look-out for these charlatans before you lose hard-earned money.

Quality and Assurance

At SIMBA Mining, we always endeavour to present all the proof that is required for a gold trader in Uganda. As our client, you should feel free to request any legal documents for your satisfaction.

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